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Call for Submissions: Sigyn Devotional

Call for Submissions by Sigrun Freyskona
Deadline: February 28, 2009

I am compiling a devotional anthology dedicated to Sigyn, bride of Loki.  While I will be doing a fair amount of work on this devotional myself, I am open to receiving contributions of essays, prayers, poetry, musings of your personal experiences with Her, and meditations.  It goes without saying that since there is not a lot of information on Sigyn in the primary sources, but She is still calling people, that this book will be personal gnosis-heavy.  I also will need a cover artist to create a cover in JPEG or TIFF format of 300 dpi.

This book is specifically for Sigyn Herself, and as such, mention may be made of Her family but the focus should be mostly on Her.  You do not need to be devoted to Sigyn to contribute, but you should have a working relationship with Her.

I am looking for quality contributions rather than quantity, and as such, I reserve the right to reject submissions that I feel are not appropriate for the book.  This is not personal, but is the way of the writing world.  Furthermore, anything bigoted, Jotun-bashing, or eschatological is not welcome for this book.

I cannot give financial compensation for the material given, please consider your contributions an offering to Sigyn Herself.  I may be able to provide contributor copies for the major contributors (those who put in the most material).

Please send inquiries and contributions to freyskona AT g mail dot com with the subject line SIGYN DEVOTIONAL.  Submissions should be in a .doc or .rtf format.  (I CANNOT accept .docx as my computer will not read that format; I mention this because it has been a problem in the past.)  The deadline for contributions is February 28, 2009; I will send release forms out via e-mail, which I must have signed and mailed back to me in order to have legal permission to use your work.  You will of course retain the rights to your work thereafter.

Sigrun Freyskona

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Call for Submissions: Skadhi Devotional

Call for Submissions by Loki’s Abriel:
Current Deadline: August 1, 2008.
Since I’ve been getting tapped for it for months I finally decided to just buckle down and start collecting submissions for this now. I will be compiling together a devotional for Skadhi and will be accepting submissions for it. I am looking for prayers, rituals, poems, stories of personal experiences with Her, artwork, or anything else you feel inclined to share. There is no limit on how many submissions you can make and as of right now there is no limit on the length of prose submissions.

There are a couple of things I DON’T want:
-I will not accept any works that promote racism/racialism, sexism, homophobia, trans-phobia, bigotry towards any religion or creed, or otherwise promotes hateful views towards any individual or group.

-I cannot in good conscience accept any submissions that refer to Loki and/or the Jotnar derogatorily. Sorry, just can’t. If you want to refer to Skadhi’s hanging of a snake over His head or the time when He tied a goat to His package to make Her laugh fine but remarks like calling Him “the evil Trickster” or anything else that disrespects Him outright will go into the trashbin. I don’t care how you personally feel about Loki but if you absolutely cannot restrain yourself don’t bother submitting anything. As for the Jotnar, please remember that though Skadhi is Aesir, She is also a Jotnar and disrespecting Her family scores no points for you.

-Erotica is fine but if you go this route please, please, please I beg you from the bottom of my heart, keep it tasteful!

-Anything written for other Gods that are close to Her (Her Father, Her ex Njord, Her Son-in-law Frey, etc) is fine.

Deadline…this will be a long one. Right now I’m going to set it for August 1, 2008.

Sorry, there is no monetary compensation and right now I can’t promise free copies. It all depends on how things look, how many people submit, etc.

Mail to lokis_abriel AT hotmail DOT com and be sure to put “Skadhi devotional” in the subject line.

Feel free to pass this on or repost to anyone you think might be interested. Thank you.

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Call For Submissions: Inanna and Ereshkigal Devotional

April 13th, 2008 | Category: Call for Submissions,Goddesses

Call For Submissions by Galina Krasskova:
Current Deadline: August 1, 2008.
I am currently working on a devotional to Inanna and Ereshkigal. I’m Heathen but I owe a great and long-standing debt to these two Goddesses and this devotional is my way of repaying it.

I am looking for submissions of poetry/prayers, articles and rituals to these two Deities. (I will accept material to other Sumerian Deities as well, if it’s good. I have no problem with including a section for Them).

This book will be published through Asphodel Press.

If anyone is interested in submitting prayers, poems, articles or rituals, please email me at OR Unfortunately, I can’t pay for submissions, but I will send every contributor a copy of the book when it is finished.

Deadline for ALL Submissions is August 1, 2008.


Galina Krasskova

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