Oct 25

Call for Submissions: Charon Devotional

I am currently compiling a devotional anthology to Charon, the Ferryman of souls. This book will be published through Bibliotheca Alexandrina.

I’ve had this on the back burner for about a year now, maybe even a little more and I’m finally feeling moved to make it my current ‘to-do’ project. This is part of an ongoing series of things that I promised to do in part to commemorate my adopted mom’s death: I decided I would do something devotional for each of the Deities that she honored. While she was a devout Loki and Sigyn’s woman, she had an affinity for Charon and was very, very moved by His work. I decided in honor of that, to do this devotional for Him.

I”m seeking poetry, articles, black and white illustrations, prayers, recipes, etc. I particular need articles.

All contributors will receive a copy of the finished product as payment. All proceeds go to a charity of Neos Alexandria’s choice.

I would like to have this finished by Dec. 1 of this year. If you have any material that you would like to submit, please contact me at krasskova at gmail.com.

Also, please feel free to pass this on to anyone whom you think might be interested.
be well,



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