Apr 13

Call For Submissions: The Fire Gods of the Northern Tradition Devotional

Call For Submissions by Loki’s Abriel
Current Deadline: Unspecified.
I am compiling a devotional for the Fire Gods of the Northern Tradition. For the purposes of this devotional the Fire Gods of the NT are Surt, Sinmora, Loki, Glut, Eisa, Enmyria, Logi, Farbauti, and even though they are considered more sky etins I include Daeg and Sunna in that group.

I am accepting essays, stories, poems, prayers, artwork, photography (as long as they are YOUR pictures!!), recipes, rituals, and anything else that you feel is appropriate.

What is not appropriate to Me:
-Anything that bashes the Aesir, Vanir, or any group, creed (this means no anti-Christian stuff too!), gender, race, or anything homophobic or transphobic.

-No Satanic propaganda/”let’s bring on the Ragnarok! YAH!!” bullshit! Neither Surt nor Loki are the Norse Satan… anything that portrays Them as such will be rejected. (I have nothing against Satanism, but this isn’t a book about Satanism, this is a devotional for actual breathing Gods).

Anything else will be up to my discretion. If I find it offensive or just plan vulgar, I won’t include it. It’s that simple.

There is no deadline for this as of yet. If you want to send something, just send it whenever.¬† It’s still a long ways off.

Thank you

lokis_abriel AT hotmail DOT com

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