Apr 13

Call For Submissions: Mani and Sunna Devotional

Call for Submissions by Galina Krasskova:
Current Deadline: September 1, 2008.
I am currently working on a devotional to Mani and Sunna and other Norse Cosmological Deities (Dagr, Nott, even Jord).

I am looking for submissions of poetry/prayers, articles and rituals to these Deities. This book will include daily rituals for each day of the week, so material for the Gods and Goddesses associated with each individual day is also appropriate (Monday: Mani, Tuesday: Tyr, Wednesday: Woden, Thursday: Thor, Friday: Frigga or Freya -scholars disagree, Sunday: Sunna. I’m not sure what the original attribution for Saturday was as only the Roman (Saturn) has survived. I’ll be researching this, though I usually give it to Loki). Additionally, I’m seriously considering including a section on seasonal rites.

If anyone is interested in submitting prayers, poems, articles or rituals, please email me at¬†urdabrunnr@yahoo.com OR Krasskova@gmail.com.¬†Unfortunately, I can’t pay for submissions, but I will send every contributor a copy of the book when it is finished.

Deadline for ALL Submissions is September 1, 2008.


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