Apr 13

Call For Submissions: Northern Tradition prayer book

Call for Submissions by Elizabeth Vongvisith:
Current Deadline: April 30, 2008.
I am compiling an as-yet-untitled Northern Tradition prayer book. I would like to include prayers or invocations for any Northern deity or deities and/or prayers written for particular events or purposes such as prayers of thanks or those addressed to the ancestors, blessings for weddings or births and so forth.

Prayers to, for and about the Aesir, Vanir, Jotnar, Alfar, Duergar or other beings from the Nine Worlds are welcome. Prayers and invocations for use by groups are fine, as well as prayers meant for individual devotional practice. I am not seeking essays or other kinds of poetry or verse.

Please not that I will NOT accept material that denigrates any of the gods or wights – in other words, bashing the Aesir in a prayer for Loki is as unacceptable as those describing the Jotnar in derogatory terms. Also, I am not interested in material written for Celtic, Hellenic, Kemetic or other non-Norse deities or spirits – those should find a more suitable home elsewhere.

Please keep your submissions under 100 lines and make sure to include whatever name you would like your work to be credited to. If I accept your submission I will contact you to request a signed release form with your legal name, but I’m happy to publish your prayer under whatever pseudonym you choose.

Unfortunately, I am unable to pay cash for submissions, although if you send me a lot of prayers I like and wind up using, I *might* send you a free copy of the book. All submissions will remain the property of their creators, who will retain copyrights to their own work.

The deadline for submissions is April 30, 2008. I hope to have the book in print by August 2008 at the very latest. Please submit your prayers and invocations to evongvisith at gmail dot com with PRAYER BOOK in the subject line. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me at the above email address as well.

Please feel free to distribute this as you see fit.

Elizabeth Vongvisith

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