Apr 18

Call for Submissions: Fulltrui, Working with Patron-Matron Gods in the Northern Tradition

Call for Submissions by Mist
Current Deadline: July 1st, 2008
Mist, GyĆ°ja of Kenaz Kindred is publishing a book called Fulltrui, Working with Patron/Matron Gods in the Northern Tradition and is seeking: meditations, short articles, poems, devotionals, rituals, or other for the publication (AEsir/Vanir/Jotun or other being welcome). The publication is going to be self published and a copy of the book may or may not be provided depending. All submissions will be properly credited and those selected will be notified. Please keep submissions respectful, no degrading or insulting work need apply.

Unfortunately, I am unable to pay cash for submissions, although if you send a bulk of requested material that I like and end up using, I might be able to send you a copy of the book. All submissions will remain the property of their creators, who will retain copyrights to their own work. If selected, I will contact you to request a signed release form with your legal name, but will publish your work etc. under whatever name you wish. The deadline for submissions is July 1st, 2008. I hope to have the book printed by December 2008 or sooner. Please submit all writing to mist@kenaz.ca with BOOK in the subject line. If you have any questions feel free to contact me at the same email address.

Feel free to distribute this as you see fit.

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