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Feeding the Flame: A Devotional to Loki and His Family by Galina Krasskova

“Feeding the Flame” is a devotional anthology of prayers, poems, rituals, and more gathered from around the world in the honor of Loki and His family. In this book, readers will find not only Loki and Sigyn, but also Angurboda, Odin, Glut and all of Loki’s children equally honored. It is a celebration of devotional consciousness and an offering of love to a very complex family of Gods. (205 pages)

Feeding The Flame

Shadow Gods and Black by Andrew Gyll

The scent of pine, the crackle of snow, the pounding of waves against the surf… Andrew Gyll’s poetry for the ancient Norse Gods, and for his own spirit ancestors, brings us back into a world of beauty and mystery. Unknown depths open up before us, around us, inside us as the Gods speak. Listen to their words, and wonder. Illustrated by Abby Helasdottir. (96 pages)


Walking The Heartroad by Silence Maestas

Passionate, loving devotion forms the heart of many spirit-workers’ lives though it is a little-discussed element of practice. This book explores the many ways deities and spirits connect with us, and the ways that we reach out to them. The trials of a dedicated life only serve to illustrate the ability of love to overcome all obstacles, defeating sorrow withĀ hope and compassion. The Heartroad is the devotional path of a life of service, a path that is never walked alone. (58 pages)


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  1. Mist June 1st, 2011 11:54 am

    Hi! I just wanted to let you know that Fulltrui, Patrons in Asatru is out!! People can buy copies on our site or via Amazon or via the publisher!! Thanks for posting the CFS!! I will have more CFS’s soon!!

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