THE HELVEGR EMAIL LIST: Helvegr is an email list devoted to both the historical and personal experience of Hela, as well as Her extended Rökkr family. Going strong now after several years, Helvegr provides a meeting place for Helish and Rökkr people from around the world. Click here for further information.

FIREFLY PAGES: Entheogenic Plant Spirits and the Spirit Worker. Essays in entheogen and seidr work from a Rökkr perspective.

CAULDRON FARM: Website of shaman, author, homesteader, and queer activist Raven Kaldera. Raven's long awaited The Jotunbok is now available from Lulu.

HELANDIA: Website of the authors of the book HEL - Den gömda gudinnan i nordisk mytologi. (HEL- the hidden goddess in the northern mythology). Their Helandia network seeks to research Hela through myths, place-names, language, literature, archeological findings and intuition.

MORGEN'S MAGICK MATRIX: A magickal, feminist, goddess page, with important research into an ancient Helish site in Germany.

HER BLOOD AURA SMILES: A collection of poetry and stories from one of my favourite writers.