Clear Stream Temple existed for many years as a project, in name only, of Abby Helasdottir, better known for her work as Gydja. In late 2001, world events provided Clear Stream Temple with the motivation to create music, and the result was the album XVI. This was released in a limited run through Shadowlight Kommunikations in early 2002. The album combined media noise, militant industrial, neo-classical, dark ambient, and Arabic music, in a unique blend of themes. The tracks considered the way in which language was manipulated, if not outright butchered, by the Bush administration, and how world events were used as a justification for unprecedented US militarism. Where the language of the world reverted to the simplistic morality of a Disney movie, and a young pretender to the throne of America found his moment in continuing the legacy of his oil-tycoon father. This is not a war between the West and Islam, but rather a war of the West against the Muslim world. A war that the West has instigated, just as it created the first war between east and west, and the original stereotype of the demonic Arab, in the medieval Crusades. Arab lands are held hostage, by occupying American forces (either military or economic), or by aggressive sanctions and embargoes. Millions of children have died in Iraq because of American dictates, just as Palestinian children continue to be slaughtered by the Israeli government, who, with their American allies, persist in flouting international law.

In 2003, the English industrial label Cold Spring Records expressed interest in reissuing XVI, describing it as a "genius mix of neo-classical, martial industrial, dark ambient. A timely attack on the US Bush Presidential administration and all that it has in store for us". The sound of the album, in turn, has been compared to Turbund Sturmwerk, Laibach, Test Dept, and Muslimgauze. The reissued version of XVI features two new tracks (Jahada and Novus Ordo Seclorum), and stunning new artwork by Mary MacGregor-Reid.

In promotion of the XVI album, Clear Stream Temple have appeared live in Wellington and Auckland, with performances that have attracted both praise and outrage. For their performance at the Circadian Rhythm event in Auckland, Clear Stream Temple's live line-up was completed with vocals by Justine (Artemesian) and percussion and dance by The Magdalene.

Remixers are now being sought to redirect the XVI tracks towards the dance floor.





Description: A combination of neo-classical industrial, dark ambient, and Middle Eastern percussion, with nods to Laibach, In Slaughter Natives, and Muslimgauze. Clear Stream Temple explore the reality behind the non-reality of the media.
Members: Clear Stream Temple
Releases: XVI CD (Cold Spring Records, 2003)
MP3 Samples: ClearStreamTemple@soundclick
Website: Clear Stream Temple

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