I am he who comes at the end of this Age
to destroy the world
that a new one might arise.
Do not misunderstand me.
Nay, few there are who can indeed understand,
for I am he who destroys to create.
I cast upon the waters of Chaos the Ship of Nails.
The waves splash the shore of the decaying.
The corpses fester amidst a festering
world ripe for destruction.
The Fire of Muspelheim, Surt-The-Black.
Cataclysm approaches. Garm, Fenrir.
The wolf is unchained, poised to devour.
The dead arise from Hela’s realm,
ready to strangle the living,
but they who are not really alive.
For the dead of Hel have more life than these.
The chains of Loki are broken, for I am the same Prometheus.
There is a mystery in me that few comprehend.
It is I who give light to the world,
The fire of very Creation, But who also gives the Dark
When the allotted time Cycle has arrived.
Rejoice you dark ones,
For a new light shall burn once the glow of Muspelheim and
the Waters of Iormungand subside
And there shall be the Earth Resplendent
All is new. Yet that which was shall rise again
For the Old Gods come forth once more in a new splendour.
And my children shall see greater days
under the spirit of the Ones who returns
when The Power decrees it.
My sword pierces the Earth
and what arises is not water but blood
For that is the deluge that faces the old.
The Old Serpent flays her tail and there arises the Red
Elixir that is the life of the world.
I reach into the Void and pull forth a new creation upon the
rotting corpses and decaying gods,
And the filth of the present.
He who triumphs is He who lives from a time before
and returns again and again to restore Balance.
He who says this is evil understands not
nor shall you prosper.
The green Tree does prosper again
from a soil more fertile by the Water of Life,
And death is but a prelude to renewal
I see an Earth
cleansed of the filth and decay of the gilded coins
And once again the Soil and Blood
Return in plenty.

He who is the Trickster of the Gods,
Yes, the same who is the Great Trickster
There is in me a profundity.
I come when least expected
To throw out of Balance that which is itself Unbalanced
that Balance may be restored.
For I am One who grants the Chance of Life
And takes them away at a whim.
I am the Great Tragedy and the
Great Comedy of Life.
All is in me.
And I am in The All.
For we are one and the same.
The ebb and flow of all that exists beyond number and name.
The sudden death where happiness reigned a moment before.
Sadness and Laughter
And it’s all the same on the Kozmic Wheel.
I throw off convention.
I am the God of he who rebels.
There is no nicety about me – I am rude
And arrogant and joyful and tragic.
Throw the dice of Perthro
Where there is chance there is life
but also death and Hela’s embrace.
Dark and Light,
for Hela my child is my counterpart.
Logi, the Brilliant One who sires the Dark
-Death from Life
And Life from Death.
You comprehend me not?
It is a paradox.
A contradiction.
An absurdity.
I am all of these.
I am the Jester in the Court of The All.
All of life is the great joke
And I am the Great Joker.
I scream my laughter
until Naglfar sails upon the Sea of Infinity
For that is from where the end comes
And I laugh my laughter of Fate

I am called by other names
Lucifer and Prometheus.
I am the spark that gives humanity to humans
without which you would be no more than
the crawlings of mud.
I bring the Fire that ignites the mind.
The creative, raging fire that illuminates the world.
Sparks fly and genius is born
That which alone creates Civilisation.
I am the Bound Giant Unbound
For the binding of me is not an act of gods
but a human act by those who cannot endure
the brilliance of my fire.
They are blind yet will be blinded by my brilliance.
They who enchain me shall suffer for the sake of ignorance.
They who unbind me shall know glories greater still
and shall reach to the gods themselves.
Infinity is their destination
And my fire within you shall never be quenched.
I liberate that which is within -
The Gift of the Gods which must yet be wrested from them,
For nothing that comes not from struggle is worthy,
And only then can man reach for his destiny.
Just as the serpent’s venom pains me,
I see with eyes of greater clarity through the pain
And I am strengthened.
And as I writhe my agony shatters complacency
For in the suffering there is strength unconquerable.
And they who endure shall triumph in splendour.
Reach down into the dark recesses -
here is my Light that you might understand.

* * *