Magickal kozmology presents a number of ways in which the world and the kozmos can be viewed allegorically. One such image, which appears in many mythological systems,  is that of the kozmic being, on whose body the twelve signs of the zodiac are marked, and so correspond to the different regions of the body. In Rökkr kozmology, this primal being is Ymir, the androgynous giant that emerged from the void of Ginungugap, into which flowed the twelve-fold river of Elivagar; which corresponds to the twelve signs of the zodiac.

However, another expression of this primordial being is in the face of the goddess, which is represented by twelve separate goddesses. This group of goddesses are those conventionally described as the twelve handmaidens, or aspects, of the Æsir mother goddess Frigg. Through the successive introduction of the Vanir, and then the Æsir, cults to northern Europe and Scandinavia, many of the aspects and the accessories of Hela were adopted by, and assimilated into the chief goddesses of the Vanir and Æsir religions; Freyja and Frigg respectively. Consequently, the twelve maids associated with Frigg at the time of the writing of the late Norse epics, were originally associated with Hela, whose characteristics and aspects can be clearly discerned in the twelve goddesses.

Some of the twelve are the matrons of love and marriage, whilst others wield influence over such primeval concepts as history and a deep-flowing wisdom; which suggests that they are inherently ancient. The twelve handmaidens, their zodiac sign, and their role, are as follows:

Aries-Leiptr Vara Oaths
Taurus-Fimbulthul Gefjon Virgins
Gemini-Gunnthra  Lofn Marriage
Cancer-Gjall Fulla  Treasures
Leo-Ylg  Hlyn  Protection
Virgo-Fjorm  Syn Synods
Libra-Svol Saga  History
Scorpio-Slidr  Eira Medicine
Sagittarius-Geirvimul Gna  Messages
Capricorn-Vid Vor Awareness
Aquarius-Hrid Sjofn Love
Pisces-Sylg Snotra Eloquence

Each of these twelve goddesses governs a different part of the face and head, combining to form the single kozmic head of Hela Modir.
  • Vor (aware) is the goddess from whom nothing in the entire nine worlds can be hidden, and thus, her symbol is the evergazing eye of the goddess, which sees all and knows all. The eye is represented by the sigil known as the Earth Diamond, or Eye of Fire.
  • Hlyn protects all those people who cry out to the goddess for help, and she kisses away the tears of those that mourn. Because of this, she is symbolic of the ever-open ear of the goddess.
  • Gna who also appears as Ljod (a manifestation of Angrboda), is the personal messenger of the goddess. She rides through all of the nine worlds on Hofvarpnin (Hoof-tosser) with such speed that she personifies the refreshing breeze. Gna-Ljod is symbolised by the apple. Anatomically, she represents the tongue.
  • Snotra is the goddess who helps make people wise, prudent, and eloquent. Her symbol is the mouth.
  • Lofn is the goddess who will give permission when entreated (lof means permission), particularly in matters of marriage. She rules the nose.
  • Eira is the greatest of all physicians, and the matron of all women who choose that vocation. She is the ruler of the skin.
  • Gefjon (giving) is the goddess and creator of the island of Zeeland, and is attended by all those women who die maidens. She was accused by Loki of selling herself for a necklace, and so she rules the neck.
  • Fulla is a virgin goddess who looks after the jewellery of the goddess, and carries it in a casket. She has long golden hair, which flows free except for a golden band, which gives it the appearance of a sheaf of wheat. Naturally, she rules over hair.
  • Syn is the matron of meetings or synods, and she guards the gates of heaven. She rules over the brow, and the pituitary gland: the brow chakra.
  • Vara is the goddess who hears oaths, and punishes perjurers.; (contracts are called varars). She rules the top of the head and the crown.
  • Sjofn is the handmaiden who turns the thoughts of women and men to love. She rules the mind.
  • Saga (omniscience) is the goddess of history, for whom the Norse sagas are named. She lives within the crystal hall of Sokvabek (Sinking Beach), and offers the cool waters of the river Svol to drink. She is the ruler of memory.