I rise to meet Her, spinning, caught in Her sorrow and euphoria. Momentarily, i am lost within her, feeling the pain and bliss of Everything and Nothing searing through my veins. I fly with Her, over lives that are ephemeral but eternal. And i see my own life... ending. A life of Everything and Nothing, an illusion perchance, a butterfly's dream. But my Everything is Nothing to her, and yet my Nothing pains Her deeply, for though i dance with her, here and always, She dances alone. And as i die but for a moment, She whirls away, dancing into the distance, into an horizon of Everything and Nothing.

 Darting through Her world, flickering till She is Nothing, and yet shining with the intensity of Everything.


THE FACE OF THE GODDESS: The head of the goddess is represented by twelve minor goddess, each symbolisng one of her functions.

HELA AND SATURNIAN MELANCHOLY: An indepth exploration of the concept of Melancholy and how it relates to the reappearance of Hela down through the centuries.

THE SEVEN FACES OF HELA: Seven channelled explanations of Hela as defined by the seven classical planets of Luna, Sol, Venus, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn.

THE VOLUSPA: The Voluspa is a prophecy recited by Angrboda-Heid, which tells of both the creation of the world, and its end. It is important not only because it is given by Angrboda, the Rökkr mother goddess, but because of its great age compared to some other Norse texts.

MORDGUD: Three images illustrating a transmission from the psychopomp goddess Mordgud.

Rune: Ear
Herb: Hemlock
Tree: Yew
Stone: Obsidian
Animals: Wolf/dog
Colour: Brown
Element: Earth
Planet: Moon
Direction: South
Body Point: Feet
Constellations: Ursa Minor